Wood Color Block bangle

Wood Color Block bangle

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  • Unique Natural Wood Geometrical Shaped bangle
  • Bangle circumference: 8"
  • Measurement: 3” wide
  • One Size fits most
  • Only one available
  • Vintage: 2000's

How to measure your [KI•ELE] bangle size:

  1. Make hand gesture as if you were to slip on a bangle onto your wrist.
  2. Wrap string, measuring tape, etc. around the widest part of your hand. This area should be the base of your thumb around to the base of pinky and around your knuckles.
  3. Last, measure the the string with a ruler or check your measuring tape. Use inches.

Small fits: 7”–7.5”

Size Medium fits: 7.5”–8”

Size Large fits: 8”–8.25”