[KI•ELE]'s involvement in the local community through its #KieleLoves campaign continues to be of importance, supporting organizations by creating awareness through fundraising efforts. This year, [KI•ELE] continues to support local charities, but will also begin to reach out to the wider, International community to bring about further change through design, in a bigger effort to #FashionChange.

Local Community

#KieleLoves has been behind initiatives including feeding the homeless at the Next Step shelter in Kaka‘ako, Honolulu and continues to support the local community through fundraising efforts and charitable campaigns.

For questions or if you would like [KI•ELE] to support your school or organization's fundraising efforts, please email ask@ki-ele.com


Changing our world one project at a time.

Our World

2020 marks an opportunity to grow and change our world for the better. With each [KI•ELE] purchase labeled with #FashionChange, you will be bettering the lives of single mothers in Ghana, West Africa.

The SMILES Project

(Single Mothers Livelihoods Enhancement Support)

[KI•ELE]’s inaugural project has been researched and carefully developed over the past year, where [KI•ELE] aims to build a facility in Zuarungu, Ghana. The purpose of this facility is to empower, educate + aid single mothers in their plight to help themselves to be self-sufficient and most of all, help their children. This effort is also a goal to take that much-needed step, so children won’t need to be orphaned by their mothers who may not have the financial support to care for them in the first place. Below are just a few of the Ghanaian women [KI•ELE]’s #FashionChange movement will be building this facility for. Here are snippets of their stories:

Akolgo Ayinpogbila

“I am Akolgo Ayinpogbila a 37 year old woman with 3 children. Smock weaving is my major work. I have been doing this for over 9 years. Due to low capital investment and lack of a decent weaving center, I earn averagely GHS 150.00 per month [US $37/month] from weaving and selling of smocks. With increased capital and a decent place, I will be able to expand and earn more income to take care of my family.”

Teni Atibila

“I am Teni Atibila and my major business is tie-dye for a living. I have been doing this work for 5 years. Through this work I have been able to take care of my family’s needs. The major challenge is the inability to procure various kinds and qualities of materials required and this makes it difficult for me to meet the demands.”

Rosemary Atugbila

“I am Rosemary Atugbila, 26 years old. I completed Junior High School and could not go further in education due to financial problems, so I decided to learn local cloth weaving work. And since then, I have been undertaking this activity for my livelihood and family as well. Through this work I have been taking care of my siblings who are in school. There is a good market for the products, but usually due to low capital I am not able to purchase materials and produce all kinds of products required by the market. If I am supported, I will produce many different kinds of products to increase my income.”

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

- Helen Keller

We are thankful to be able to contribute a portion of your #FashionChange purchase to building this facility. And we in turn hope that you can join [KI•ELE] in this mission to continue helping those who truly need our help in this world that we’re so blessed to live in.

For more questions on our project or to donate to the building of the facility directly, please email us at: ask@ki-ele.com